Wednesday, April 16, 2008

She's watchin

Our little Paisley may not be talking much yet, but she pays attention to everything, and this week gets major brownie points for being super awesome!!! She now will take trash and put it in the trash can. What, no big deal you think? She does this without being asked and really has never been shown to do it. She just has watched us doing it and thought it would be fun to be a big girl and do it herself. I can't really say any of my kids do anything without being asked so I am ecstatic about this one. I am sure it will just be a short lived phase and pretty soon she will be throwing everything in the trash and it will have to be stored in the pantry where she can't open the door yet. But I am thinking positive and sure she will only throw trash in there :)


Mary said...

That is cute. Nathan went through that kind of a phase at around the same age and I lost the first watch I ever owned, sure it got put in the trash. Love you, Mom

-Melissa- said...

It is amazing what younger kids pick up from their older siblings. There are things Jace does because his older brother Dax does it.

hoLLy said...

yea! that is awesome that she does that-nothin like a little slave labor i say !) j/k