Monday, September 15, 2008

I got tagged

6 Unspectacular Quirks

#1: I bite my nails so I won't pull out my eyebrows. I still pull them out a little, but biting my nails helps to avoid the pulling. I will probably be an old lady that had to paint on eyebrows.

#2: I am a night owl. I could take a nap everyday around 3 o'clock. But if I stay up past 10 then I am usually good to go for a few hours and actually prefer to get things done in the quiet of night. I'm not sure if this is because I know things will stay clean for awhile since the kids are in bed, or if it stems from always staying up late as a kid. But this is difficult to do with 4 kids that wake up early.

#3: I have to find the best deals. I think the trait is inherited from my Dad. I shop around when purchasing just about anything and have to make sure I get the best deal. This becomes very annoying to people at times because it can take me forever to finally decide to make a purchase, but I have saved soo much $ by finding deals. (i.e. free tree, $16 phone service, $15/month cell phone service).

#4: I am very indecisive. This is linked to #3 I am sure. I take FOREVER to decide on things. For me life would just be easier if there were only 1 or 2 choices. I don't want to purchase something unless I know I will like it in 2 years still. Because I pretty much assume I will still have it in the same place for the next long while. BUT I am indecisive on almost all decisions like where to go out to eat, or what to eat on a menu, or even what to wear. However, I am NOT picky so I am happy for someone else to just make the decision for me.

#5: I really do love to argue. I don't want to get into any screaming matches, but I am pretty sure I am usually right about things and so I will let you know. I don't usually give into this though as it can cause unwanted confrontations with people. Maybe I should have been a lawyer.

#6: If a song has clapping in it then I will probably love it. You know that double clap like in so many 50's tunes?! There is just something about that beat that makes me smile :) Yeah , I know this is a really weird one, but I also was a crazy Elvis Presley fan growing up. Even had Elvis stuff all over my room. How I got into him I'm not sure because it wasn't like he was on the radio.

If you have gotten to the end of this and are still reading then I am tagging - Nathan, Alana, Mom, Alison, & Katie. So get on your blogs and tell me 6 of your unspectacular quirks!


Mary said...

Oh, man! I love to read other people's tags, but doing one myself will be stressful! We'll see! Love, Mom

Jennalee said...

finally! just kidding :)

Amanda said...

you are funny