Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Phoebe has had several of her friends cut their hair short. She has been asking me to let her cut hers for a couple weeks now. So I finally cut it last night. Not really short, because the last time she asked for it to be short I did cut it really short and she cried. This time I still ended up cutting off about 5 inches. It should be so much easier to brush now!:)


hoLLy said...

we've been talking about getting aubrey's hair cut too. shes had it long ALWAYS. my main reason for wanting to cut it-she is sooooo tender headed that brushing and fixing her hair in the mornings is always an ordeal:( poor kid, inherited that from me. we'll see if we actually cut it though. i don't know if i'll actually go through with it;)

Mary said...

Phoebe! You look beautiful! You will be glad in the summer that it is still long enough to put in a ponytail to keep cool! Love, Nana

Wendy Lee said...

I am so glad that I cut Addyson's hair, now she doesn't run from me every morning when I tell her I need to cut her hair.