Thursday, May 8, 2008


Luke is the extreme food moocher of all time. He doesn't think twice about going up to anyone and begging their food off of them. He may even just take a piece himself. I am not sure when it will settle in that it isn't OK to just take other people's food, but it must at some point. The classic example of this was about a week ago we were at the park and there is a nice Japanese, grandma that takes her little ones out often. She doesn't really speak much English, but is very friendly. Well I look over and Luke is sharing their snacks with them. So I have to go over and tell him not to do that, and of course she says it is fine. But wait, not even 2 minutes later she has peeled a banana and there is Luke leaning toward it with his mouth open. She actually fed it to him. The whole thing. He didn't want to touch it since his hands were dirty. But the site of it was just hilarious. I think Luke might have eaten almost all the snacks she brought! It was one of those times I really wished I had the video camera running.


Amanda said...

It still shocks me when I see him eat. I just can't believe my eyes. He eats as much as all my kids combined. I just can't get used to it.

Mary said...

What a crack-up he is! He is certainly active enough to need extra fuel. Just hope he has his father's metabolism! Love, Mom

Danny & Denise Reisdorfer said...

I love it! He is a big eater and really funny to watch(from your videos of course). I hope one of my children will have a big appetite.