Monday, December 1, 2008

A Bear Award

Ethen worked really hard this past year and earned his cub scout Bear award. He also earned a few arrow points for all the electives he did as well (like 20). It was a great night of awards for him and in Jan. when he turns ten he will join the Webelos group. As a side note, Ethen is getting really tall and seeming so grown up these days. I think he will outgrow me in just a couple more years - maybe less. I'm not that tall so it won't be hard to get taller than me, but it is sad to have him getting so grown up. I probably shouldn't be thinking about him going off to college just yet, but it seems to be going by way too fast.


Mommymita said...

I know the feeling.... James has the same size feet as me.

On the other hand I enjoy their grown up friendship so much

When Paul left on his mission I was crying at the airport and a mom came up to me and said "I cried too when my boyfriend left for his mission but you'll cry harder when your son leaves"

hoLLy said...

congrats to ethan!!

hoLLy said...

ethen, i meant. sorry for the misspelling! i made sure and corrected it because i am a spelling freak. :)

Shipley Family said...

I wanted to cry when I read your post. I do the same thing. It's nice to know that there are others that think about the future as well. Lately I have been thinking about youth temple trips. Eimi (our oldest) will be going on them next year. Time goes by so fast. Next thing we know they will be dating and driving. Father time needs to just stand still so us moms can catch our breath.

Mary said...

Congratulations Ethen! You look so good!
I was thinking the same thing the other day - how fast motherhood is streaking by for you - half of Ethen's growing up years at home are already past! It is so wonderful that you are recording so many fabulous memories! So much better than my boxes and bags of photos - most of which are still stored somewhere!
Love, Mom

Suz said...

Congratulations Ethen!

Nicole - I know what you mean about them growing up so fast. It seems like Tyler was just Luke's age and then a few years later he was Ethen's age and now he's graduating from High School. It's hard to believe Coop and Ethen are both 10 (well Ethen almost :) ). We miss you guys!