Saturday, December 13, 2008

Children's Christmas Party

Scott's office had a children's Christmas party! They had Santa there to take lots of pictures with. My favorite is always the screaming baby picture, but Paisley had the death grip on me and so I am in it too. This Santa did not want to take a screaming baby to hold, but he was a great looking Santa! There was Frosty the Snowman, and Rudolph walking around and she was terrified of them too and had me holding her almost the entire time, but she was happy to get close to the balloon making elf and get herself a blue dog. The other kids got huge candycane balloons. It was a really fun little party for the family and they even bought all the children great gifts! Luke got just what he wanted - TRUCKS! And he kept saying it over and over even on the drive home.

The elf balloon artist

Paisley with blue dog balloon and Luke still holding onto his food plate

Phoebe getting her face painted
Phoebe's finished work of facepaint art :)

Our many Santa pictures!!!!

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Nate P said...

Time to get the wax out. Powder Mountain is getting pounded right now!