Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day 2008

The scene after Santa came

Ethen in his Christmas P.J.'s A almost 10 year old in footed jammies. LOVE IT!

Luke playing Santa

The family Christmas morning

We enjoyed Christmas at home this year. Grandma Bergen spent the night and joined us for Christmas morning. It was a fun, relaxing day with everyone being happy and playing nicely for the most part :) We had a yummy feast that will need to continue to be eaten for the next few days since we have so many leftovers.

Hulk hands, Luke's favorite gift

Much needed new shoes

Lil' Paisley being coy

Finally she got her Easy Bake Oven!


Shipley Family said...

You have such a beautiful family. It looks like Christmas was a wonderful time for you and your family. Your tree is gorgeous. You are a wonderful decorator.

hoLLy said...

merry christmas bergen fam! looks like aubrey and paisley wanted the same thing:) and actually me too...i'm excited to do the easy bake oven with aubrey when we get home almost as much as she is, good memories:) . anyways, have a great week!

Mary said...

Your tree is absolutely gorgeous! Glad everyone had such a lovely Christmas. Love you, Mom

Rebecca said...

Your family looks so grown up! I love the footed pjs! That's great! I am so glad it was a good Christmas for you!

Wendy said...

Great Christmas photos, you look so good in the morning! Addyson got an Easy Bake Oven a couple of years ago and she still begs to bake stuff in it all the time. I am so cheap I won't buy the 1.50 mixes that make 2 little cakes that taste gross, I buy the real mixes and just give her a little then I make the rest for myself:)

Alana said...

What a beautiful tree!! That looks like it was a fun morning there. I hope Luke's Hulk gloves make an appearance next time we're together. Love you guys!