Wednesday, April 1, 2009

1000 Buddhas and more

The Happy Buddha
Inside one of the large Buddhas there were more tiny ones and pretty, colorful lanterns hung from the ceiling.
This place was amazing! Full of thousands of Buddhas, tiny and gigantic ones. Monks live here and keep everything up.

Ethen is up there in his blue coat.

There are exactly 1000 of these large golden Buddhas. 500 on each side of the huge one. A spectacular site to see.
This is a very large bell the monks ring. The kids are sitting on the gong used to ring the bell. Behind that is a giant drum that sounded so deep when you played it you could feel the vibrations through your chest.

These bells are hung in remembrance of ancestors. They make the most beautiful sound when the wind blows.

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Amanda said...

awesome pics. I like the new song, makes me think you should come to coldplay with us.