Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring Eggs

I have been noticing a bird hanging around our front bushes a lot lately. Tonight I decided to take a look in those bushes and found a nice big nest with three pretty blue eggs :) I guess she felt like the bushes were more protective then the trees. I hope these all hatch and we get to see the little babies!


hoLLy said...

oh, how pretty and how fun to watch for when they hatch! and wow, blue?! thats cool! we've had nests in bushes and trees in the past years and the kids just love them. we even had a bunny burrow in our yard when we first moved here!

Mary said...

That is so awesome! What kind of bird?

Alana said...

Those are so beautiful... I love the speckled colour and they're so tiny! Nice camera shot too :)