Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bonding with Nana

Phoebe spent a day making this cute apron with my Mom while we were in Korea. They picked out the fabric at the market and made it together. Phoebe was so excited to do a sewing project. Since I have minimal sewing expertise, I was glad she had some time with her Nana to make something special. Phoebe LOVES cooking so this was a perfect project for her. It will get lots of use :)


-Melissa- said...

Cute apron! What a fun memory for Phoebe.

konrad said...

What a wonderful Nana-Phoebe moment to remember! There are so many wonderful things about the relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren.

P.s Also Nicole, i dont know how to get in touch with you anyother way but i was reading Alanas page and she mentioned you had gotten hold of a copy of the Hot Rod Mag cover of your grandad...can i bug you for a copy please??? Just might be nice for Denims Geneology Tree im putting together. Ta... when ever you have time. ;)

hydee ann said...

i love everything about this apron: she made it with nana, the floral print is gorgeous, and the shape is great too. good job, both of them.

my mom is such an expert seamstress and we never learned from her either. i sure wish i could make cute aprons and quilts. we just have to wait for marmee to come in town for all our sewing projects.