Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A small miracle

A small miracle has happened at our house. Paisley is off the bottle! Scott took the initiative last night and put her to bed without one. Somehow today I avoided them all day with just one fit while in the car and then I put her down tonight without one. So they are gone for good now. She still seems too little to me, but that is just her size. She is over 2 now and should have been done with bottles a year ago. All we have left is to potty train her and she will be a full blown toddler. The big problem now is that she only drank milk from a bottle. I am yet to get her to drink it from a sippy cup or regular cup. So, I will have to find a way to get her to drink milk. She needs the fat and Vitamin D.


The Little's said...

I had William pick out new sippy cups that were only for him. Then he was excited to help me pour the milk and now he drinks it out of a cup! Yay!

Mary said...

That IS a miracle! She seemed so attached I thought that was a long way off. Who can predict? haha. That's a good idea of Tia's to let her pick her own special milk cup.